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These APIs have been developed so that they meet the PSD2 Open Banking specifications. To use them you need to become an approved TPP: Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and/or Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP)

Authentication (oAuth)

The oAuth API has a secure token that allows the use of the Accounts, Payments or Confirmation of Funds APIs


The Accounts API provides account list, balance and transactions information


The Payments API allows third parties to initiate common, immediate and scheduled payments

Confirmation of Funds

The Confirmation of Funds API confirms the availability of funds prior to payments


Other APIs

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is PSD2 Open Banking?

    Open Banking enables Account Service Providers (known as ASPSPs) including banks, to allow their personal and business customers to share their account data securely with Third Party Providers (TPPs). This enables those third parties to provide services related to account information such as product comparison or payment initiation. The APIs provided on this website have been developed so that they meet the European PSD2 regulation.

    2. Who’s authorised to use Banco Sabadell Open Banking APIs?

    Third Party Providers (TPPs) must obtain the relevant licence from the Bank of Spain as well as valid eIDAS certificates (QWAC & QSEAL) that will be used to authenticate against our APIs.

    3. How do I access your Live APIs?

    TPPs shall use an eIDAS certificate to establish a TLS connection with the APIs. Once the communication is established, the TPP will retrieve an authorisation token by calling the oAuth API, which will trigger the user authentication flow. This authorisation token will provide access to the functional APIs.

    4. How do I access your Sandbox APIs?

    The access steps to Sandbox APIs are equivalent to the steps used to access Live APIs, but using different base URLs:

    • API OAuth-sandbox: (Information is temporarily unavailable)
    • API sandbox: (Information is temporarily unavailable)
    5. Are there test credentials for Sandbox accounts?

    Sandbox credentials can be found using this link:

    6. How can I contact you for help?

    Please feel free to contact our TPP Support Team by email for any questions relating to our APIs. You can find our contact details on this link:

    7. What do your error codes mean?
    400 (Bad Request)
    403 (Forbidden)
    404 (Not Found)
    406 (Not Acceptable)
    429 (Too Many Requests)
    500 (Internal Server Error)
    503 (Services unavailable or too busy)
    8. Does Banco Sabadell have a Design System?

    Banco Sabadell has Galatea Design System for its digital products and experiences. Components and other resources can be found using this link:

    For more details, refer to the detailed API specifications