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Start-ups & tech companies

If you are a start-up or tech company with a top-tier product or technology related to corporate business, conversational banking or commercial and operational efficiency and want to work with Banco Sabadell, share with us your collaboration proposal so our partnerships team can analyse it.

Partnerships main focus areas

open banking


Improve digital services ensuring a frictionless experience adapted to each segment

    • Financing processes
    • Specialised offer by segment
    • New ways of interaction
    • New value-added services
    • Digital onboarding: Know-Your-Business
conversational banking


Create natural and personalised interactions with our clients through our remote channels

    • Chat and voice agents
    • Cognitive functionalities
    • Data enrichment
    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Identify and Security
commercial and operational efficiency


Increase commercial and operational optimization in the use of capital and resources

    • Digitisation
    • Automation
    • Simplification
    • Compliance & Regulatory
    • Data-driven

Phases for a PoC with Banco Sabadell

The Partnerships team exists to make collaborations happen. The ways of working and timings may be different between Banco Sabadell and third parties, and we will be the piece that allows the two worlds to mesh.

Share your proposal
1. Share your proposal with Banco Sabadell

Send us your collaboration proposal and the Partnerships team will analyse it

test enablers
2. Get access to our Partners’ site area

Get access to our enablers once we validate our interest in your service

define the PoC
3. Define and develop the case of use

Start working with the business area, always accompanied by your team

sample of clients
4. Test among a sample of Sabadell clients

Execute the PoC among a sample of Sabadell external or internal users

The next step after a PoC could take the collaboration to a higher level, with a productive deployment through a service provider agreement.

Benefits of the collaboration

    • You receive ongoing support to help navigate the regulated environment
    • You test your products and services with our sectoral knowledge and range of clients
    • You get media impact and accumulate experience for your next phase
Banco Sabadell
    • We get a better understanding of the financial needs of our clients
    • We implement new products and services to improve the financial life of our clients
    • We get inspired and learn new ways of working and collaborating

Partnerships success stories (not exhaustive)

Banco Sabadell has the collaboration with third parties integrated into its DNA. Our track-record reinforces that the message we send out is real: we really believe in this open model of innovation

  1. 2015
  2. 2019
  3. 2020
  4. 2021
Sabadell starts collaborating with start-ups
First collaborations with startups with focus on investees (mainly promoted by BStartup and Sabadell Venture Capital)
Some successful examples:
The Partnerships team is created within InnoCells
Seeking to accelerate collaboration with startups and tech companies (mainly partnering with InnoCells investees)
Some successful examples:
The Partnerships team implements a new model
Enhance digital transformation with greater agility and scalability in alignment with Banco Sabadell’s vision and customer needs
Some successful examples:
The current Partnerships Portal is launched
The InnoCells Partnerships team wants to create next-generation digital experiences collaborating with companies like yours



Banco Sabadell starts collaborating with startups
Agreements with startups (mainly promoted by BStartup and SVC, the venture capital arm of Banco Sabadell), with a focus on agreements with its investees
Some successful examples:


The InnoCells Partnerships team is created
Searching to accelerate collaboration agreements between Banco Sabadell and the startup ecosystem (mainly with InnoCells investees)
Some successful examples:


The Partnerships team implements a new model
Enhance digital transformation with greater agility, scalability and impact, in alignment with Banco Sabadell’s vision and customer needs
Some successful examples:


The current Partnerships Portal is launched
The InnoCells Partnerships team wants to create next-generation digital experiences, using Open Banking, with you!


Share your proposal

We would like to know more about your company if you have a use case related to our areas of interest. Let’s collaborate together!

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    Partners’ site

    Find the initial NDA needed to collaborate with Banco Sabadell and our Mock and Sandbox enablers to easily test our technology. In order to obtain access to this section, you have to share your proposal with the Partnerships team and be selected to discuss a potential collaboration.

    More enablers coming soon to facilitate the collaboration process!



    Collaboration NDA



    Anonymised dataset: accounts transactions

    Database with anonymised data of financial services users for testing

    Request file

    Coming soon

    Sandbox test front-end

    Coming soon

    Sandbox test back-end


    Other types of collaborations

    In addition to collaborating with start-ups and tech companies, Banco Sabadell partners with other third parties with the aim of improving our customer experience:

    Big corporations

    Banco Sabadell executes strategic agreements with large corporations such as IBM that help drive the digitisation process and facilitate the strategic evolution of the business

    Funds and Accelerators

    Banco Sabadell has partnered with Antai VB, Base10, Ship2B and Cardumen Capital among other, both in terms of investment and support to start-ups backing the entrepreneurial ecosystem


    Banco Sabadell not only collaborates through Partnerships with companies, we also invest with three different lines of investment vehicles depending on the nature of the business and its stage level:
    Venture Capital
    Spanish TIC & Digital sector
    Pre-seed and seed start-ups
    €1M (per year) in at least 10 start-ups
    Venture Capital and Debt
    Generalistic approach
    Pre-series A to series B start-ups
    Tickets from €0.2M up to €2M
    Corporate Venture Capital
    Seed, Series A and B start-ups
    Flexible tickets from €0.5M to €5M